Duncan at Blackpool Championship Show

Welcome to my world, my life, my dreams ! Dedicated to the well being of this wonderful breed. I hope that after you have taken a stroll through my site you will realise that a cocker is a wonderful choice of dog for your family, they are a loving and faithful friend and ask for nothing but to be by your side, helping you with everything you do, looking at you with those beautiful expressive eyes. They will bring joy into your life as they have mine. Please remember that Cockers will require professional grooming and trimming approximately every 6 weeks, take this into consideration when you choose to be owned by one. Puppies are sometimes available for loving family homes or can be selected for showing. Visitors are welcome to come and see my lovely boys and girls by prior arrangement.

I am not a commercial breeder, I would never resort to selling my beloved puppies on the Internet and I do not have boarding kennels. I breed from show dogs only, normally selecting a puppy to show and carefully choosing good homes for the rest of the litter. If you would like to go onto my waiting list for a puppy either for a pet or to show please get in touch. I would like to mention the older girls and boys that have been shown and are no longer in the show ring, they make marvellous pets, they soon settle into a new family life and love to become an only dog rather than one of a few. I some times have a girl or boy available, usually around 18 months to 3 years of age.

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