A Star Is Born

Making a dog into a Champion in this country is like reaching for the stars, strictly for the “Elite”. We all know that some people can show a stool with two legs and get it made up to a Champion, for the rest of us it is near impossible.

I was so very lucky with my Simon, from the first time he entered the ring he was a winner and gained that elusive crown very quickly.

I did not care to keep pushing him all over the place to get multiple CC’s, he is a Champion and he cannot become any more than a Champion so now he takes life easy, does as he likes and spends his time playing with his mates and visiting the Lake District. His extrovert nature and “Look At Me” attitude have gained him many friends and admirers around the world.

Here are a few of Simon’s triumphs along the way:

At Open Show level:

15 X Best Puppy In Breed :: Many BPIS : BOB : Group : BIS wins

At Championship Show level:

BPIB at Championship shows: 21 x First place

His first Reserve CC at 13 months

1st CC at 14 months

2nd CC at 17 months

A Champion at 23 months

Followed by 2 more CC’s : Three with BOB & another Reserve CC. He then retired from regular showing.

I hope you enjoy seeing him travel his journey.

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