Stars ‘n’ Stripes

I have always loved the American Cocker, and having bred and shown them for many years I certainly had a great deal of fun with them. I do not breed or show them any longer but enjoy judging them when ever I am asked, as I award CC to the breed I am very lucky to have been asked to judge them in many countries as well as back home, some thing I always enjoy.

My Top award winners at Windsor CH.SH.

My top award winners at Windsor Championship Show

I still love the breed just as much and can sit back and enjoy other peoples dogs without having all the work involved with presenting them to the high standard called for. They are not a breed to take on lightly as they demand a great deal of attention and have hereditary problems that can lead to heartache. However, they are delightful to own and will make you laugh with their antics.

I have been a committee member of the American Cocker Club Of Gt. Britain for more years than I can remember and had the honour of being the Chairman. After over 25 years I decided it was time to reduce my work load and resigned from this position. Time to do other things !!

I judge Americans at all levels around the World and hope to continue to do so.

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