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If you are wanting to locate a well bred health tested Puppy or slightly older dog please get in touch with me. .I often have news of slightly older puppies that did not like showing, a large percentage of puppies kept hopefully for showing decide they do not like it, by then they have been well socialised and used to travelling. Adults often retire quite young from showing, they make super pets and settle into a new life style very very quickly.

Buying a Puppy/Adult is a serious event, please be sure you can offer the best of homes and life styles to your new companion, also consider the cost of the food and Vet’s bills.

I am having a great time in the show ring with my show team of boys and girls, so are other show breeders with my boys progeny, this makes me very proud, Good Luck to you all ..

If you are trying to obtain a well bred puppy from healthy DNA tested adults do not go on to any Internet site, contact the secretaries of the Breed clubs and only buy from breeders who actually show their dogs unless they come recommended by show breeders. The list of all the Breed Club secretaries is on The Cocker Club web site. It may seem impossible at this time to obtain a well bred puppy from breeders who actually show their dogs, all of whom are known to the Secretaries, most already have full waiting lists. However, this could change at any time, and perhaps a few will be planning litters soon, be patient and wait, owning a puppy is not something that should be done on a whim, there will be puppies just not immediately.

Please be careful where you buy a puppy from, with the totally stupid law that has come into action it now means that people who show their dogs and have excellent reputations for breeding healthy, happy puppies are now very restricted as to how often they can have puppies, unbelievably they can only have 2 litters a year unless they want to have a commercial breeder licence. COMMERCIAL OUTLETS-PUPPY FARMERS AND THE THOUSANDS OF FOLK that breed their girls to death, or breed mongrels with stupid names can have as many litters as they want … the world has indeed gone mad !!!!

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